B2Trader Brokerage Platform is a full-stop, turnkey spot trading platform that provides lightning-fast execution, faultless efficiency, and market-low transaction rates for brokers, market makers, and liquidity providers worldwide.
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Why brokers choose B2Trader

Flexible hedging

Flexible hedging

A matching engine is a very important part of the operation of a cryptocurrency exchange as it stores all the orders placed by users.

It reconciles bid and ask prices and allows holders to buy or sell assets at the market price.

MTF Broker

MTF Broker

A multilateral trading facility (MTF) facilitates the exchange of financial instruments between several parties.

A matching engine continually scans all orders on a given instrument and determines whether there is a potential match.

Security Exchange

Security Exchange

Matching orders is the process that a securities exchange uses to pair one or more buy orders to one or more sell orders to make trades.

The task of pairing the orders is computerised via a matching engine which prioritises orders for matching.

Spot FX Broker

Spot FX Broker

Spot matching allows participants to access firm pricing and obtain high certainty of execution.

The process is key to the functioning of the FX market whereby brokers need to rely heavily on matching data using automated software.

Market Makers

Market Makers

A centralised exchange oversees the operations of traders and provides an automated system ensuring trading orders are matched.

A powerful matching engine helps attract reliable market makers and create a strong liquidity pool on your exchange.



Electronic money institutions dealing in bank deposits, electronic fund transfer, payment processors and cryptocurrency rely on an automated matching engine to facilitate electronic transactions.

Matching Engine
vs Brokerage Platform

Compare the differences between a matching engine for spot vs margin
brokerage platforms.

Matching Engine vs Brokerage Platform
FeaturesMatching Engine Brokerage Platform
Order bookYesNo
Market makingYesNo
Cash assets exchangeYesNo
Spot FXYesNo
No margin requirementsYesNo
Real trades historyYesNo
Market depthYesNo
Partial order fillsYesNo

B2Trader Architecture

Get an overview of all the differences between matching
engine for spot and margin brokerage platforms

Front-End Back-End 3rd Party Integrations Infrastructure Web UI Load Balancer Back Office Master HCB Mobile App DDoS protection Market Data Public WS Trading API Throttling & spoofing protection Market Data Server Time Scale DB Order Matching AWS Cloud Admin Panel BUS User DB Arbitrage protection Wallet cloud storage


Maintain optimum matching engine functionality
with a feature-filled back office

Users activity
  • Balance display in the context of currencies
  • The equivalent of every user’s currencies in USD
  • Separate monitoring of locked balance
  • Display of aggregated balances in USD
  • Export transfer details in XLS table format
  • View all asset amounts together
  • Time sorted transfers table
  • Different filters and sorting availability
  • Amount view in USD
  • Date range filter
  • Asset filter
  • Transfer type filter
  • User status colour visualisation
  • View of user role, status balance and latest login
  • Display options for table/grid
  • Display of registration and login date together
  • Display of table/grid display options
  • Different date filters and sorting
  • Login history for each user
  • Login time, country and IP information
  • Different sorting options
  • Showing user’s assets in context of currencies
  • Dispaying assets in USD equivalent
  • Viewing total USD amounts
  • History of user’s tranfers activity in one place
  • Various date filters and sorting
  • Displaying status of transfers
  • Displaying the commission paid by a particular user and an all-users total
  • PnL calculation for a user
  • Calculation of commission in USD equivalent
  • Date range filter
  • Trade side filter
  • Market filter
  • Showing commissions of users in context of role and status
  • Different filter options
  • Export in XLS table
  • Calculation of user’s PnL
  • Showing commissions paid by certain user and total of all users
  • Commissions calculation in USD equivalent
  • Displaying trades and paid commissions in one string
  • Showing trade details in grouped view
  • Various filter options
  • Commissions in context of assets
  • Calculation of commisions in USD equivalent
  • Various filter options
  • Online monitoring of trades
  • Side, order type and role shown in one place
  • Different filter options
  • Displaying assets in the context of currencies
  • Calculation of total volume and PnL
  • Displaying PnL in USD
  • Showing trade details in one string
  • Ability to revert the trade
  • Filter by date and time
  • Analyzing of trading activity
  • Filter by time interval and user ID
  • Showing market and trade counts in one place
  • Real-time arbitrage monitoring
  • Ability to track a certain user
  • Displaying arbitrage details
  • Various search and filter choices
  • Displaying of user roles, ID, account and other details in one place
  • Transfer history for all users shown in one place
  • Date range filter
  • Asset filter
  • Transfer type filter
  • Status, role and order type all together
  • Order request and fill timings
  • Selection of various time periods
  • Date range filter
  • Asset filter
  • Type filter
  • Execution/Trade ID in one block
  • Trade outcome calculation in USD
  • Exporting Trades in XLS
  • Status, role and order type in one place
  • Order request and fill timings
  • Various time periods selection
  • Filter by date range
  • Filter by asset
  • Filter by type

Light & Night Mode

White mode B2Trader White & Night mode B2Trader Night mode B2Trader

Professional GUI

An advanced interface which fulfills all requirements from
novice to pro-traders.

Professional GUI
Web-based and iOS platforms supported
Professional GUI
in B2CoreStandalone versionPublic version
Trading Ability
Multiple Workspaces
Instant Transfers
Dynamic UI
B2Core Integrations
Light/Dark Theme
Matching API
Trading View
Trade History
Order Book
Favorite Markets
Open Orders
Filled Orders
Inactive Orders
Market Depth
Market Limit


Many sources are available for connection with B2Trader ensuring
the ultimate liquidity solution.

Market Making

Market Making

You can attract reliable market makers to create a strong liquidity pool on your exchange via powerful REST and WebSocket API.

External Liquidity Provider

External Liquidity Provider

FIX API can be used to connect your exchange to an ©aggregated liquidity pool or various external sources for feeds only.

Internal Organic Liquidity

Internal Organic Liquidity

B2Trader Matching Engine aggregates users orders into order books on a particular platform on all assets available that do not generate additional fees for routing outside sources.

Bridge to Another Exchange

Bridge to Another Exchange

We can connect you via Marksman Hub to the most trusted and well-known spot exchanges offering the highest liquidity and which are most reliable in the market such as B2BX Exchange.

Multiple Customizable

  • Easily add widgets
  • Arrange widgets by height and width
  • Ultimate positioning of widgets

Workspaces for different
styles of trading

Intraday trading
Long term trading
  • Workspaces for different styles of trading
  • Suitable for placing several orders at once
  • Monitoring of real-time activity
Intraday trading
  • Analysing real activity on market depth, time and sales
  • Monitoring instruments for opportunities in the watch list
  • Solid chart size to see the overall picture
Long term trading
  • Monitoring of the entire market
  • Seeking opportunities on different instruments
  • Monitoring the correlation across various instruments


Include your chosen instruments from the list to monitor Open, High,
Low, Close, Volume and changes in Percentages during
the last 24 hours all together

Order Book

All limit orders are aggregated in the order book with the ability
to create an order at a chosen price with one click.

Market Depth

Summary of the total cumulative amount of opened buy and sell orders
together showing the supply and demand balance.

Order Widget

Placement of orders with use of the intuitive order widget enabling you to set the chosen amount in the base currency, total in quote currency and percentage for selection of fast volumes.

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Commission Types

Various types of commission for multiple financial and operational goals.

By Group

Can be set up for a certain group of clients: VIPs, Market Makers, Corporates, etc

By Taker

Сreated for orders that remove market liquidity i.e. market orders

By Markets

Сalculated for particular trading instruments such as BTC/USD, ETH/EUR, USD/USDT, etc

By Volume

Сalculated as per predefined traded volume tiers

By Makers

Сreated for orders that add liquidity for a particular type of asset

Commissions Ladder

Commissions Ladder
Maker feeTaker fee Volume (30 days)
0,18% 0,2%< $200,000
0,16%0,18%< $400,000
0,15%0,16%< $1,000,000
0,14%0,15%< $2,000,000
0,1%0,12%< $4,000,000
0,08% 0,1%< $20,000,000

IB Module

Effectively build and manage affiliate campaigns for an outstanding tool
that will draw customers.

User 1 User 2 User 3.1 User 3.1 User 4.1 User 4.2 User 4.3 User 4.4 20% 15% 10% 5% Send money to User 1
  • Adjustable percentage
    for commissions
  • Additional availability of bonuses
  • Fully-featured IB commissions

Different Order Types

Multiple sources available for connection with B2Trader
to offer the best liquidity solution

Limit orders

A kind of order to buy or sell a security at an agreed price or better. Although the price is guaranteed, the order filling is not. Limit orders are not executed unless the security price matches the order qualifications.

Stop orders

These kinds of orders are triggered when a stock overtakes a particular price point. Beyond this price point, stop orders are changed into market orders and executed at the best price available.


FOK (Fill or Kill) order as the time in force causes the entire order to be fully executed immediately or cancelled.


An order to buy or sell which immediately fully or partly executes with any unfilled portion of the order being cancelled.

Powerful API

A modern high-capacity API designed for robotic trading and public data
access that takes care of trading and public requests at speed and greatly
impacts on the overall performance of the system.


Representational state transfer is a style of software architecture which lays out a set of constraints to be applied for creating web services.

Web services conforming to the REST architectural style, known as RESTful Web services, enable interoperability amongst computer systems on the web.


WebSocket is a computer communications protocol, providing full-duplex communication channels via a single TCP connection.

The WebSocket protocol was standardised by the IETF as RFC 6455 in 2011, and the WebSocket API in Web IDL is being standardized by the W3C. WebSocket stands distinctly from HTTP.

We provide 5 required endpoints for listing at Coinmarketcap
Order books
Trades history

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In order to protect B2Trader from possible technical or fraud threats,
we implement a wide-range, high-capacity security system.

Anti-spoofing protection

Stops the possibility of manipulating the markets by placing and cancelling fake orders.

Order throttling protection

Stops too many orders arriving at the same time which would overload the matching engine.

Arbitrage protection

Puts a block on taking advantage of price differences between two or more markets.

Anti-throttling system

Stops the intentional slow down or speeding the bandwidth limits.


A set of techniques and tools for resisting or mitigating the impact of DDoS attacks on networks.

Back-end security

2FA, malware and phishing
protection, etc.

Mobile App

Set up your own Apple Store developer account or opt for our ready-made
account so your users will be able to find an iOS application
for your exchange.

B2Trader Mobile App
Crypto deposits
Google 2FA/Face ID
Wallets access
Trading history
Profile & Settings
Placing orders
Order books
Transactions history

Third-party Integrations

Institutional Liquidity

Institutional Liquidity

Marksman Hub solution which aggregates cryptocurrency exchanges such as B2BX, non-bank liquidity providers and thousands of orders from institutional clients culminating in the industry’s deepest liquidity pool.

Trader’s Room / CRM

Trader’s Room / CRM

An innovative type of professional software which helps brokers and exchanges handle their customers, admins and IB-partners under one roof.

Enterprise blockchain Wallets

Enterprise blockchain Wallets

A completely secure, reliable and scalable wallets solution from B2BinPay, an industry-leading crypto processing provider.



A variety of tools that help organise your exchange’s Know Your Customer (SumSub, IdentityMind) and Know Your Transaction (Crystal) verification processes.

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Extra Features

Instruments assembling

Instruments assembling

With B2Trader there is the ability to add, remove and temporarily disable traded instruments with ease.

Anti-fraud monitoring

Anti-fraud monitoring

Real-time checking of various fraudulent activities is available helping to prevent technical and financial damage.

Assets allocation

Assets allocation

An option for assets which allows for the control of financial operations by way of limitation of deposit and withdrawal rights via the admin panel.

Loyalty token

Loyalty token

This feature allows for the addition of a token which can be used to receive a discount in commissions e.g. payment in a token equivalent.

Quotes Widget for Website

Our quotes widget can be used to display OHLCV (Open, High, Low, Close,
Volume) data for the availability of all trading pairs and markets in real-time.

It comes best with B2Core, B2BinPay
and Spot Liquidity

Our liquidity is best combined with the leading industry trading platforms to provide the ultimate

in performance and user satisfaction.


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Is B2Trader suitable only for cryptocurrencies?
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