What Impact Will the Latest B2Trader and B2Core Updates Have on Brokers?

We are constantly looking for the most accessible, secure and efficient platforms in the world for the fintech industry. We are pleased to present the most recent updates to B2Trader and B2Core from B2Broker, including several newly introduced features. These latest updates are a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting edge solutions.

  • Commission structure has changed.
  • Users will benefit from new valuable hints.
  • Client ID reports and PnL filters
  • More stable and more efficient performance
  • Upgraded UI for an unbelievable user experience 

We’re thrilled you like these new features, and we can’t wait to bring you even more innovative functions in the future!

Upgraded Commissions System

At B2Broker, we are constantly striving to help our clients. That is why we have completely redesigned the commission system. It is no longer necessary to create a role for each user, because we have introduced a flexible group system where your administrators can set any desired restrictions on user groups. In addition, each group can be assigned a commission rate for selected instruments. With this useful feature, our customers now have more control than ever before. Check out the B2Trader documentation to learn more about the new fee structure. You always have the option to upgrade your trading platform with B2Trader.

UI Enhancements 

We have added some useful tips to the web page of the development team that greatly improve the user experience. Now it is much easier to understand the interface of the platform, since all elements are now decorated with explanatory instructions. We will also update the tips regularly to keep them up to date with changes.

New, Experienced, or Professional. During the onboarding stage, users may select their level of competence: New, Expert, or Professional. Users are shown different options based on their previous knowledge of the platform. For example, if a user selects the Newcomer option, they will receive a step-by-step guide to using the platform, including placing trades and managing their account. On the other hand, experienced users will be presented with more advanced cases that explore issues such as market analysis and risk management. We ensure that all users will have a pleasant experience when signing up and will be able to get more out of our platform by providing these various alternatives.

Reports on Client IDs

With the latest upgrade, our client’s product team’s efforts to decrease manual operations have paid off. With client_IDs, registering activities for local financial regulators has become easier than ever before. The following IDs will be uploaded to all pages where the user is shown, including transfers, transactions/trades, transaction/orders, balance/users, and commission/users. We’re glad to be able to simplify the process and make compliance with rules easier for our clients. We’re delighted to provide this new level of service and efficiency to our valued customers.

Field Update for a New Pair

We have enhanced the hint areas in creating a new pair Settings → Markets → Add Market + Edit Market. In addition to that, incorrect data notifications have been added. The user can now see what should be included in the fields and will no longer be able to save an invalid market due to this modification. This change will ensure that all trading markets are correctly configured and operate as intended.

Filters have been optimized

The admin panel’s PnL field now has a year-based filter. This will allow for a more straightforward evaluation of client data. The year in which the customer’s data was last updated was added to the field, making it easier to track changes. Several other bug fixes and enhancements have also been included in this update.


B2B Trader and B2Core are two of the most sophisticated platforms available, with traders taking advantage of a wide range of tools to make their trading experience as simple as possible. Future upgrades are on their way, and they will only perfect these aspects even further. Be sure to keep an eye out for them, as they’ll come soon. If you haven’t already played our platforms, there’s never been a better time to do so! Also, don’t forget to have a look at the special deals we’ve just released.