New Update Brings Stop Order Capabilities To B2Trader

We are excited to announce that B2Trader, an industry-leading matching engine for trading platforms and exchanges, has been updated with a new valuable feature set. The latest upgrade enhances the existing functionality of B2Trader and adds advanced stop order options. This will allow end-clients to make better use of their trading strategies and increase the safety of their investments. As a result of the new feature, B2Trader’s capabilities will become much wider, so traders will find it more appealing to work with brokers that use our services.

Introducing Stop Orders

Now, brokerage firms using B2Trader for their matching engine will be able to offer stop orders (both stop market and stop limit orders) on their trading platforms. B2Trader supports stop orders in every package offering, and traders may use them for any instrument that’s listed on the exchange. With the implementation of this new feature, customers will have more options and greater flexibility when trading.

The purpose of stop market orders is to limit losses or take profits when the exchange rates move in the opposite direction to the trader’s position. In order to enter or exit the market at a specific price, stop limit orders may be used. In both cases, the order can be submitted as a pending order, which will take effect as soon as the price reaches the desired level.

When placing a stop-limit order, two prices are used: the stop price and the limit price. The stop price triggers the order upon reaching it, and the limit price determines the price range within which it can be fulfilled. When the stop price is reached, the order will be changed to a limit order and will be filled as long as the market price is within the limit price.

Stop orders can be placed through the order entry screen on B2Trader, with both buying and selling buttons. Stop-orders may also be placed directly via a charting interface.

Bottom Line

B2Trader is a market-leading software that just got even better with the addition of stop orders, one of the most important tools for traders to have in their arsenal. It is now possible for brokers to offer their traders a greater level of flexibility and confidence when it comes to trading assets. We plan to make additional updates in the future to make B2Trader a go-to engine for the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to share with us as we value your feedback.