Expand Your Business Offerings with B2Trader – The Ultimate Crypto Spot Brokerage Solution

After a long 18 months, a massive $5 million investment, and uninterrupted hard work, we are thrilled to announce that B2Trader has arrived! The new crypto spot brokerage software expands every brokerage platform to new horizons, allowing businesses and their end-users to take advantage of the growing crypto market trends.

The crypto market has been experiencing tremendous shifts. Regulatory changes are being introduced, more centralised institutions adapt to decentralisation, and major coins are marking new all-time highs.

The result? A surging demand for crypto investment on most crypto trading platforms, such as over-the-counter brokers, exchange platforms and CFD brokerage firms.

What did we do about it? We introduced B2Trader as the ultimate tool to facilitate spot trading with cryptocurrencies.

For the development of the B2Trader Brokerage Platform, we harnessed our vast experience and market knowledge to develop the best tool that meets and exceeds expectations. 

“B2Broker has earned multiple awards and recognitions, and our years of experience have allowed us to understand what the market needs exactly. That’s why we created B2Trader. It’s our answer to the changing trends in finance.”, said Arthur Azizov, Founder and CEO of B2Broker.

B2Trader allows you to do more with less, and whether your business involves directly or indirectly trading markets, you can improve your service offerings and boost your company’s growth. Let’s present the main aspects of our latest crypto trading solution.

Why You Need to Use B2Trader?

As a standalone crypto spot trading solution, you can add BBP from the get-go and launch your spot exchange platform within one week. Similarly, B2Trader helps you elevate your services and expand to new markets and investors if you are an existing trading operator.

B2Trader is compatible with various business types, such as cryptocurrency brokers, Forex retail brokers, market makers, liquidity providers, payment processors, and any financial institution.

Ultimately, B2Trader contributes to expanding your business model, incorporating the most demanded investment opportunities.

Crypto Brokers

Brokerage firms that offer investment opportunities and services with cryptocurrencies can expand outside CFD and derivatives contracts by offering spot trading. Crypto spot trading entails actual ownership and the storage of digital assets, such as BTC, ETH, and other coins and tokens.

FOREX Brokers

Traditional market brokers that offer trading opportunities in FX, crypto, stocks, bonds, commodities and other securities, mainly in the form of CFDs, can now add B2Trader as one of the trading platforms that will exclusively facilitate crypto spot trading.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular among classic traders, and instead of letting your investors switch to new brokerage firms, you can add the B2Trader tool and meet and exceed your clients’ needs.

Payment Providers

For banks, PSPs and EMIs, B2Trader enables diverse asset management, monitoring, and liquidity pool creation. It allows these entities to add crypto services to their existing operations, net all transactions, offer crypto accounts, and enable instant swaps.

Market Makers & LPs

Market makers can use B2Trader to access multiple exchanges, consolidate liquidity efficiently, achieve competitive spreads, optimise pricing, and enable smart routing execution across different venues.

Meanwhile, if you’re operating as a liquidity provider, adding cryptocurrencies to your asset offerings greatly boosts your appeal to brokers, hedge funds and professional traders. B2Trader streamlines this process, equipping you with the essential tools to expand your market reach and accelerate your earnings.

Cutting-edge Technology for Your Success

Cutting-edge Technology for Your Success

We powered B2Trader with the best tech stack, ensuring high performance and maximum optimisation of your platform while offering crypto spot trading. You can explore the widest range of crypto assets, spanning 3,000 instruments and offer the most needed crypto securities to your clients at light-speed execution time.

We increased B2Trader’s technical capability to execute 3,000 orders per second while enabling the platform to update market rates every 100 milliseconds. Note that this is the basic setting, which can be further improved using cloud computing.

The Best Hosting, Security and Scalability Infrastructure

We developed B2Trader with utility, flexibility and sustainability in our mind, powering the platform the most advanced tech stack from the most reliable sources. AWS hosting, TradingView market updates and CloudFlare security are a few examples of the backend structure behind BBP.

The Best Hosting, Security and Scalability Infrastructure

Scalability That Takes Your Business Ahead

B2Trader is compatible with multiple software and applications thanks to the sophisticated integrations and interoperability ecosystem supporting the platform. 

As the child company of B2Broker, our clients gain access to a comprehensive suite of products, including a trading platform, OMS, pre-trade and post-trade control, liquidity management system, Trading User Interface, CRM, back office, blockchain wallets for processing and collecting coins/tokens, blockchain management system for automatic payouts and settlements, mobile applications, technical documentation, REST and FIX API protocols, advanced White Label options, and much more.
Additionally, integrated with Marksman, a crypto liquidity distribution engine, B2Trader streamlines administration and ensures market updates with the latest data.

With Marksman, crypto brokers swiftly link to top exchanges by inputting API credentials after opening an account. This allows brokers to create diverse liquidity pools from various exchanges, assign specific execution and routing rules, and establish failover protocols for both the pairs and the liquidity pools.

Scalability That Takes Your Business Ahead


B2Trader is the result of our hard work and dedication to innovation and excellence, where we listened to our clients’ needs and delivered one of the most demanded tools for the success of crypto and non-crypto brokers.

With B2Trader, we provide you with the ultimate tool to expand your offerings, attract more investors to your platform and improve your financial status. Check it out and find the best fit for you, or contact us to receive your free demo and get ready to launch your crypto spot brokerage in one week!