B2Trader Order Matching Engine Updated, Receives New Comprehensive Reporting Service

B2Broker is excited to announce the latest update of its flagship product, B2Trader. With this upgrade, customers of B2Trader will have access to a brand-new, in-depth reporting service. Users will be able to obtain all necessary data from the trading platform thanks to this most recent feature, including trades, commissions, and transactional data, as well as client reports and financial analyses. Exchanges will likely need to offer this level of transparency to be in compliance as more and more countries pass regulations governing crypto trading. Our aim at B2Trader is to continue to take the lead of being at the forefront of the industry.

Brand New Reporting System

With the most recent update, all B2Trader users now have access to a potent new reporting system. Thanks to the ability to access and generate downloadable report templates from any page inside the admin panel, users now have more control over their data than ever before. These templates can be further customized using a sophisticated filtering mechanism. 

With the release of this update, clients may now choose between CSV and XLS as the data format for their reports. More importantly, users can set up automatic report delivery to send these reports straight to their email account, allowing them to quickly review their data from there in an instant!

Another advantage of the new update is the option to schedule reports. Reports can be scheduled at a later date as well as at regular intervals, such as monthly. For example, users can prepare timely reports containing all relevant data at the end of each year.

The procedure for creating and amending reports is simple and clear, with a great degree of versatility. Users can make as many changes to their scheduled reports as they need, and any changes are immediately effective. Furthermore, because the reports are maintained for a month, clients have time to review them. The user-friendly admin panel makes all these features accessible, making it easier than ever to create and amend reports.

Final Thoughts

For our clients, B2Trader‘s new reporting system is a powerful addition to the existing set of features. The reporting system’s flexible and user-friendly design, along with its intuitive layout, make it a useful tool for managing data. With the addition of this new service, we at B2Broker continue offering our clients the broadest range of services on the market. It is obvious that this new reporting method will make it simpler for customers to obtain and evaluate their trading data, while also assisting exchanges in complying with regulatory requirements.