100 Pairs With 100×100 Order Book Are Now Available On B2Trader


The latest significant upgrade for B2Trader, an incredibly quick matching engine for cryptocurrency exchanges, market makers, and spot and MTF brokers, has just been released. The upgrade includes the same 100×100 order book depth while increasing the backed pairings to 100, which will make trading more effective and enable traders to carry out significantly larger transactions. With this upgrade, B2Broker demonstrates its dedication to giving its customers the finest possible service. We appreciate your support!

Better Matching Engine, More Pairs 

While maintaining a 100×100 market depth, B2Trader presently enables as many as 100 pairings of trading instruments. Prior to the upgrade, B2Trader offered only 61 trading pairs with the same order book depth, which means that the engine’s performance has doubled with the latest release, giving customers access to a wider variety of trading tools and more chances to generate revenue.

The market depth indicates how many orders are available at a given price level whenever checking an order book for a particular asset. The order book will now display the top 100 sellers and top 100 buyers if the market depth is 100/100. As a result of a greater sense of market liquidity, merchants will feel more comfortable completing larger orders.

Keep in mind that you may add instruments to your trading platform in one of two different ways:

The first one is to transfer the preferred instruments from B2Trader to your trading cabinet.

The second one is to complete the form and choose the appropriate assets. The B2Trader personnel will immediately add the selected instruments after putting your exchange into service.


The B2Broker group is constantly attempting to make its goods and services better. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most effective and user-friendly environment, and this most recent version is a huge step in that direction. We are sure this new upgrade will help all our customers and establish B2Trader as the preferred platform for all your trading requirements. The moment has come to try B2Trader if you haven’t already. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any inquiries or recommendations, and keep an eye out for upcoming upgrades and features.